August : “JAWS” Shark in Murky Water Novelty Candle

For our first Box we decided to go with a theme that everyone loves. Shark week, and the original shark horror movie, Jaws.  We created this custom prop and curated a bunch of fun jaws themed items for your enjoyment.

This box comes with a tasty can of Narragansett , so you can honor the man and crush the can!

The prop for the month is a large “Tuna Can” filled with chummy water that you can set ablaze.. or not.  with a unique top that looks like the shark is ripping through the can. This is a killer parody item that’s a great gift, or decor item for any Jaws lover.

The label is created by our in house “Humerus skeleton” and then wrapped around a large 16 oz tin can.  The Murky water is complete with the oxygen tank that brought Bruce to his demise.

We scented the candle to make you feel like your right at home on the Orca, with cedar planking, Salt water, and a hint of bourbon.

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